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6 Yards of Pattern Fabrics. This is enough fabric for a dress, a shirt and a skirt for a size 8. Our fabrics are being used for clothing (dresses, pants, shirts, skirts and so on), table runners, bedsheets, curtains and more.

Beautiful Polycotton fabric made from a synthetic fiber cotton mix with bold vibrant colours inspired by the traditional African clothing style with a twist of modernism.
PRIMARY FIBRE : Polycotton
The fabric is soft to touch

Removing Sticker from Fabrics:
Step 1: Place a paper towel directly on top of the sticker label
Step 2: Place your hot iron on top of the paper towel around 1 minute time. (While ironing, it can melt the adhesive on the sticker).
Step 3: Then take off the sticker slowly.


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