African Fabric / Mudcloth Print /african clothing for women/African fabric by the yard/Ankara Fabric by the yard/Ankara Dress/ Bogolan Print, Lanezo Fabric, Kente cloth, African Print Dress, Pqdaysun, (SAF0275)

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High-end African fashion.
Ideal for all types of crafts and dressmaking, ladies outfit, men's outfit (shirts & pants), kids outfit, upholstery works, pillow bags etc

Color may vary depending on your computer screen.


Fabric Measurement for 6 Yards : 45 inches Width x 216 inches Length
Fabric Content/Features: 100% Cotton/ Wax Fabric/Double-Sided Print

Color: Yellow, black, purple (Color may vary depending on your computer screen.)
Primary fiber: 100% Cotton
High-end African fashion.

Removing Sticker from Fabrics:
Step 1: Place a paper towel directly on top of the sticker label
Step 2: Place your hot iron on top of the paper towel around 1 minute time. (While ironing, it can melt the adhesive on the sticker).
Step 3: Then take off the sticker slowly.

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