6 Yards Safi African Fabrics, Lanezo Fabric, Kente cloth, African Fabrics (SAF0279)

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6 Yards of Pattern Fabrics. This is enough fabric for a dress, a shirt and a skirt for a size 8. Our fabrics are being used for clothing (dresses, pants, shirts, skirts and so on), table runners, bedsheets, curtains and more.

Length: 6 Yards
Width: 45

Color: Pink, blue, black, white (Color may vary depending on your computer screen.)

Beautiful African 100% Cotton wax Fabric.
The perfect fabric for all crafts and sewing needs. Ideal for dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, pants, head wraps, jackets, accessories, home decors and many more. Create your unique piece using this fabric.
* 100% Cotton
* Waxed (No Shine)
* Length - 6 Yards
* Free Shipping
•Hand wash with cold water and mild soap or Dry clean